2020 Election Dashboard


Alaska Measure to Establish Ranked Choice Voting Defeated

American Samoa

Unofficial Results For American Samoa Governor Have Lemanu Winning


Arkansas Voters Approve Legislative Term Limits Amendment


Delaware Gov. Carney Wins Second Term

District of Columbia

Eleanor Holmes Norton Reelected as D.C. Non-Voting Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives

Strauss Reelected as D.C.’s Shadow Senator

Owolewa Elected as D.C.’s Shadow Representative

Elections Held for Seats on the Council of the District of Columbia


U.S. Senate Race Heads for January Runoff

Two Georgia Runoffs to Determine Control of U.S. Senate


Indiana Incumbent Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb Reelected


Iowans Oppose Holding Constitutional Convention


Kentucky Voters Defeat Constitutional Amendment Regarding Terms of Office for District Judges and Commonwealth Attorneys


Massachusetts Voters Defeat Ranked Choice Proposal


Missouri Voters Defeat Constitutional Amendment to Extended Term Limits

Missouri Voters Pass Constitutional Amendment Including Lobbyist Gift Ban

Missouri Incumbent Republican Gov. Mike Parson Reelected

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu Wins Third Term

New Jersey

New Jersey Voters Approve Delay of Redistricting Schedule

New Mexico

New Mexico Voters Approve Public Official Term Limits Amendment

North Carolina

Cooper Secures Second Term, Robinson Becomes First African American Lieutenant Governor

North Dakota

North Dakota Voters Defeat a Constitutional Amendment on Constitutional Amendments

North Dakota Voters Defeat Constitutional Amendment

North Dakota Incumbent Republican Gov. Doug Burgum Reelected


Ohio Republicans Maintain Supermajority and Reelect Householder

Akron Passes Charter Amendment Raising City Purchase Thresholds Requiring Approval


Oklahoma City Voters Approve Proposition Relating to Mayoral and City Council Elections

Oklahoma City Voters Approve Proposition on City Employees Accepting Gifts


Oregon Voters Pass Measure to Limit Political Contributions and Expenditures

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Awaits Final Results in Tight Gubernatorial Race

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Voters Approve Change to State Name


Laredo Voters Approve Mayoral and City Council Recall Proposition

Laredo Voters Approve Proposition to Exempt Mayor from Political Activity Prohibition


Utah Voters Approve Session Start Date Amendment

Utah Voters Elect Spencer Cox in Gubernatorial Race


Vermont Governor Phil Scott Wins Reelection


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Wins Reelection

West Virginia

Justice Comfortably Secures Second Term