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Not much has changed since last month. We are working remotely, practicing a lot of social distancing, wearing a face covering or mask and when going out.  During this time please take advantage of our 30-minute webinar trainings. Our key team members—Kristi Hadgigeorge and Tony Didion—are available at your convenience to give you and your entire team of users a thorough rundown of all of the information

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we post on our websites for all fifty states, more than 300 municipalities, and the federal government on Lobbying Laws, Political Contributions, Procurement Lobbying (along with pages on Canadian Compliance and a number of European Union countries).  We have nine full-time staff members working on our website. In the course of a year, that is between 20,000 and 24,000 hours of time—almost 400 hours a week. That is a lot of time to ensure every entry on our website is 100% accurate and always up to date … and to review what else we should add.

Below is the contact information for Kristi Hadgigeorge and Tony Didion. Give them a call or send them an email and they would be happy to set up a time to talk with you, your team, or the sales team. We try to limit our calls to 50 people, so some of you might have a couple of web tours scheduled.

Dear friends, we are almost through the initial part of our stay-at-home orders around the country. State and Federal Communications is working within the guidelines set by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to bring our staff back to our offices. Please stay safe and stay strong. We are in this together.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Z. Bartz

President and CEO

New York Passes Public Campaign Financing and
Nonprofit Disclosure Bills

Carlo Aguja, Esq. 
Manager, Research Services

On April 3, Gov. Cuomo signed legislation to enact the state budget for the 2021 fiscal year in the shadow of growing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic. The enacted state budget bills include Senate Bill 7508 to establish statewide public campaign financing and Senate Bill 7505 regarding nonprofit disclosures.

Senate Bill 7508

Effective November 9, 2022, Senate Bill 7508 establishes a statewide public campaign financing system and lowers contribution limits. The voluntary financing system and new contribution limits apply to participants in the primary and general elections to be held in 2024. The public campaign financing system and new contribution limits were recommended last year by the Campaign Finance Reform Commission and automatically became law in December 2019. In March, a state court found the Legislature improperly delegated to the commission legislative action powers reserved solely to the Legislature under the state’s constitution. The ruling noted the struck-down laws could be reintroduced in a bill to be passed by lawmakers and signed into law by the governor.

Senate Bill 7508 creates a Public Campaign Finance Board (PCFB) within the state Board of Elections to develop the public campaign financing program. The PCFB’s duties include promulgating rules and regulations to administer the program and to provide compliance guidance to participating candidates. Additionally, the bill lowers contribution limits a candidate may accept while participating in the public funding system. A candidate for statewide office may accept a contribution of $18,000 in the aggregate. The bill also sets contribution limits for state senators and Assembly members to $10,000 and $6,000, respectively. Contribution limits are divided equally among the primary and general election in an election cycle.

Senate Bill 7505

Effective January 1, 2021, Senate Bill 7505 amends Executive Law §172, in relation to disclosure requirements for certain nonprofits. The bill requires charitable organizations to file annual financial reports and funding disclosures with the Department of State to be published on their website for public transparency. Previously, disclosure reports by charitable organizations were filed with the state’s Department of Law. The bill aims to streamline the reporting process for 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations.

Michael Beckett, Esq.,
Associate Director, Research Services

AUSTIN, TEXAS: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Steve Adler signed an additional emergency order on April 13. The new order suspends all deadlines imposed by city code, ordinance, rule, or other regulation until May 30. Under Section 7 of the order, the deadline for all lobbyist quarterly activity reports has been further extended from May 1 to May 30. No late fees will be accrued for failure to file prior to May 30. 

CALIFORNIA: The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has issued an advisory memorandum encouraging people subject to lobbying registration and reporting requirements to continue to make the best efforts to timely file all legally required reports and statements. However, it may be difficult for some to file statements and reports given the shelter-in-place order and other issues caused by the pandemic. If circumstances caused by COVID-19 inhibit the filing of a lobbying report or statement, the filer should communicate these issues to the Office of the Secretary of State and document all attempts to file and the issues faced. If a person with lobbying filing requirements makes best efforts to comply with the Political Reform Act’s lobbying registration and reporting rules but is unable to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FPPC will consider this a strong mitigating factor in determining whether an enforcement action against the person is appropriate.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: The Board of Ethics is extending the first quarterly report filing deadline from April 20 to June 1 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. First quarter reports cover the period from January 1 to March 31 and must be filed even if there was no activity. In addition, 2020 mandatory online lobbyist training has not been posted and the training deadline has been extended past June 30. 

INDIANA: The Lobby Registration Commission is extending the first period activity report filing deadline from May 31 to July 15. First period activity reports cover the period from November 1, 2019, to April 30, 2020. Any late fees imposed for reports filed June 1 to July 15 will be waived, but reports filed after July 15 will be subject to late fees.

PORTLAND, OREGON: The Portland auditor has temporarily suspended enforcement of lobbying and political consultant reporting requirements for first quarter reports due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The deadline for lobbyist reports covering activity for the period of January 1 to March 31 is extended until June 15. The auditor’s office will not assess late fees or penalties for the failure to file quarterly reports, submit required updated information, or register as a lobbyist or political consultant. Lobbying entities, political consultants, and city officials are encouraged to file reports when they are able to do so. 

At any given time, more than 1,000 legislative bills, which can affect how you do business as a government affairs professional, are being discussed in federal, state, and local jurisdictions. These bills are summarized in State and Federal Communications' digital encyclopedias for lobbying laws, political contributions, and procurement lobbying and can be found in the client portion of our website.

Summaries of major bills are also included in monthly email updates sent to all clients. The chart below shows the number of bills we are tracking regarding lobbying laws, political contributions, and procurement lobbying.

  Total bills Number of Jurisdictions Passed Died Carried over
from 2019
Lobbying Laws 303 41 17 32 167
Political Contributions 495 51 37 55 316
Procurement Lobbying 302 42 19 28 167


In addition to the extensive coverage of individual jurisdictions, the website also features U.S. Quick Reference Charts, which can be accessed using the menu found on the right side of the red bars you use to choose the publication you wish to view. Clicking on the right side of the menu will bring up the list of Quick Reference Charts, each of which allows you to view the answers to a specific topic across all of the states. The U.S. Political Contributions Quick Reference Charts include one combining contribution restriction periods with legislative session information. In states allowing corporate and lobbyist political contributions, it is common for such contributions to be restricted during a legislative session. The Restricted Contribution Periods chart details the restriction and provides the session dates in one convenient spot. Be sure to reference this chart before you approve a contribution, as an otherwise acceptable contribution can be illegal when delivered by the wrong person at the wrong time.


State and Federal Communications’ Experts
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Here is your chance to “Ask the Experts” at State and Federal Communications, Inc. Send your questions to (Of course, we have always been available to answer questions from clients that are specific to your needs, and we encourage you to continue to call or email us with questions about your particular company or organization. As always, we will confidentially and directly provide answers or information you need.) Our replies are not legal advice, just our analysis of laws, rules, and regulations.

I am planning to give a state legislator a permissible gift. I know I need to include it on my next lobbying disclosure report. Do I need to worry about anything else to make sure I am compliant with state laws?

Yes, some states have additional requirements when an expenditure is made on a covered state official or employee. You may be required to provide the official with a notification or file additional reports.

California requires filers reporting gifts aggregating $50 or more in a calendar year to an official to provide the beneficiary...

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Renae Bomba, Esq.
Manager, Compliance Services

Staff Anniversaries [thru April 2020]
Ren Koozer, 22 years; Amber Fish Linke, 15 years; Renae Bomba, 4 years; Adrienne Borgstahl, 4 years;
Joe May, 12 years; Mario Dalessandro, 1 year; Carlo Aguja, 2 years; Gamble Hayden, 5 years;
Ken Kelewae, 11 years; Gregory Bennett, 1 year; Timothy Kilcullen, 1 year; and Zoe Wrisley, 1 year.



At a recent Akron Roundtable Luncheon,
Senator Sherrod Brown spoke as he
launched his book, "Desk 88".

His wife, Pulitzer Prize winner, Connie Schultz,
Journalist and Professor, was also in attendance.
Our new Manager of Business Development,
Kristi Hadgigeorge, had the honor of meeting
both the senator and Connie Schultz.


We look forward to seeing you again.



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