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January 5, 2012  •  

New Law Prohibits Requiring Political Information from Federal Contractors

HR 1540
HR 1540

A new law signed by President Obama precludes federal agencies from requiring vendors bidding on federal contracts to disclose political contributions.

Buried in the 565-page National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2012, House Resolution 1540, is language amending Chapter 137 of Title 10 of the United States Code.

The amendment explicitly prohibits requiring a contractor to submit political information as part of a solicitation, or a request for bid or proposal. It also bars contractors from being required to submit political information during the modifications of a contract, or while exercising a contract option.

The language was added as an amendment to HR 1540 in response to a leaked draft executive order which required every entity submitting offers for federal contracts to disclose certain political contributions and expenditures made within the two years prior to submission of their offer.

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