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April 3, 2018  •  

What is New for 2018

Last month I went into detail on what was done in 2017 for our website. Today I am going to list out what we are doing in 2018 to make our website even more valuable.

My conversation a couple of months ago with Research Manager Michael Beckett continued with what he said would be added to our site. Our #1 goal is to continue support to our clients when there are questions and special projects.

  1. Our work with our European Compliance is growing. Scotland will be completed and on our site in April. Other countries for 2018 include France, Germany, Austria, and Greece. We are giving our clients a great introductory offer to add European Compliance to the guides you are currently receiving.

  1. We like to produce Tip Sheets—one pagers that help you answer quick questions. This year we will publish three of them:

  • Social media lobbying (we weren’t talking about that 25 years ago);

  • Gift splitting and reimbursement; and

  • Restrictions on lobbyist contributions.

  1. In addition, we are going to clarify the following in all our jurisdictions:

  • Placement agents in our Procurement Lobbying Publication;

  • Grass tops lobbying in our Lobbying Laws Publication;

  • Procurement lobbying (contracts) vs. executive branch lobbying (rules and regulations) in our Procurement Lobbying Publication;

  • Timing of contributions for purposes of aggregation in our Political Contributions Publication; Q&A regarding state contribution limits applicability to local candidates in our Political Contributions Publication;

  • PAC contribution match by corporate employer rules in our Political Contributions Publication.

You will also see our familiar Executive’s Checklists in our Municipal Lobbying entries and we are always ready to add more municipalities.

Our team works all year long to make sure the State and Federal Communications website is always up-to-date on the work you need. This isn’t a side business for the company… it is the foundation of our overall business.

If you have any questions about our website, please do not hesitate to give me a call. It has been part of my DNA for a long, long time.

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