2017 Compliance Laws for Government Relations Professionals

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Canadian Compliance Laws

For our neighbors up north.

Canada is the United States’ largest trading partner. Knowing the laws and regulations, and understanding how the Canadian governments apply these rules, is crucial to staying compliant with Canadian compliance laws.

The 2017 Canadian Compliance Laws for Government Relations Professionals™ is intended for U.S.-based companies doing business in Canada or thinking of doing business in Canada. Companies and organizations currently transacting business in Canada, or intending to transact business there, will need to know the rules and regulations for lobbying, making campaign contributions, and procurement lobbying. The Canadian governments – federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal – in many cases, have unique laws unlike laws for lobbying and political activities in the U.S.

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In this guide you will find:

  • Precise listings and summaries of each applicable law
  • Information on Lobbying Laws, Political Contributions, and Procurement Lobbying
  • Relevant advisory opinions
  • Full descriptions of registration and reporting requirements
  • Complete definitions of special terms
  • Summaries of gift laws
  • Contribution limits and specific prohibitions
  • Information on who can make contributions to whom
  • Pay-to-play laws on every government level
  • Jurisdictions requiring registration as a lobbyist for procurement activities
  • All-inclusive contact lists with telephone numbers, postal and email addresses, and websites for government compliance officers
  • All forms required for lobbying, political activities, and procurement activities


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