Washington Legislature Begins Second Special Session

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Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Jay Inslee

Washington lawmakers apparently love Olympia in early summer. The Washington legislature ended its first special session late Tuesday night, and Governor Jay Inslee wasted no time in calling a second special session to begin on Wednesday.

The original special session was called because the state legislature had not passed a state budget. 30 days later and there is still no budget. On the bright side, there has been a little progress. Both the House and Senate passed proposals this week, but they have been unable to agree on a final deal.

With a worst case scenario looming, Inslee set a meeting with his Cabinet and financial office to start making plans for a potential government shutdown. If the Legislature does not have a budget passed by midnight on June 30, the government may be shutdown. “If there is not a budget by July 1, the law doesn’t allow us to keep government operating fully,” Inslee said. “This would have significant ramifications for the millions of citizens who depend on state services.”

The second special session is scheduled for a maximum of 30 days.

Picture of Governor Jay Inslee by Thomas Sørenes on Wikipedia

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