NJ Legislature Passes Bills Concerning 2013 Special and General Election Dates

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New Jersey State HouseYesterday the New Jersey Senate passed two Assembly bills combining this year’s October 16 special election for U.S. Senate with the November 5 general election.

Because New Jersey’s statewide elections in November are scheduled only 20 days after the October special election, critics have argued the expense of the two elections is too costly for the state and will diminish voter turn-out for both elections.

Assembly Bill 4237 changes the date of the 2013 general election from November 5 to October 16 and directs the secretary of state to provide appropriate notice to state, county, local officials, and the general public as to the change of date.

Assembly Bill 4249 allows voters the opportunity to vote early in-person at designated polling places during the special general election scheduled for October 16, 2013. Votes will be considered in-person early voting for both the vacancy in the office of U.S. Senator and for all offices and public questions to be voted on at the general election on November 5, 2013.

Gov. Chris Christie, who called the special election for October 16, can still veto either or both bills

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