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South Dakota Adjourns Legislative Session

New Mexico Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Nunavut Lawmakers Adjourn for the Season

Northwest Territories Legislature Adjourns Until May

Utah Legislative Session Adjourns Sine Die

Wyoming Legislative Session Adjourns

Virginia General Assembly Adjourns 2017 Regular Session

NYCU Video Digest – February 24, 2017

South Dakota Lawmakers to Consider Ethics Bills Ahead of Crossover Deadline

Wyoming Legislative Session Reaches Bill Crossover Deadline

NYCU Video Digest – January 27, 2017

South Dakota Lawmakers Consider Bill to Repeal Initiated Measure 22

NYCU Video Digest – January 13, 2017

NYCU Video Digest – January 6, 2017

NYCU Video Digest – December 9, 2016

Special Session a Reality for Minnesota?

Washington’s Session Freeze on Contributions Begins December 10

NYCU Video Digest – December 2, 2016

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Complete Work Prior to Scheduled Adjournment

Florida Legislature Holds Organizational Session, Changes Ahead for Lobbyists

Transparency Bills Filed for Arkansas 2017 Session

AL Gov. Considering Special Session for Prison Funding

NY Gov. Wants Special Session For Ethic Reforms

Utah Special Session Adjourned

Utah Special Session Called

More Details Develop on North Carolina Special Session

Special Session to be Called Soon in North Carolina

Utah Special Session Expected

NYCU Video Digest – October 21, 2016

Nevada Special Session Adjourns

Special Session Denied in North Carolina

Kansas Lawmakers Already Planning for Extended 2017 Session

Fall Legislative Assembly Session Cancelled in British Columbia

Nevada Special Session Called

New Mexico Special Session Called

Connecticut Lawmakers to Meet to Approve Deal with Helicopter Manufacturer

Pennsylvania Governor Sets Tentative Date for Joint Legislative Session

West Virginia Special Session Adjourns

West Virginia Convenes Special Session

Senate Confirms Judicial Nominees in Hawaii’s Third Special Legislative Session

Missouri Legislature Holds Annual Veto Session

Nevada Special Session Likely

Tennessee General Assembly Adjourns Extraordinary Session

West Virginia Special Session Likely

Alabama Special Session Adjourns Sine Die

Tennessee Governor Calls Special Legislative Session

California’s Legislative Session Adjourns

Missouri Legislator Requesting Special Session

Nebraska Speaker in Favor of Calling Special Session

New Mexico Gov. Will Call Special Session

No Minnesota Special Session Ahead

Oklahoma Lawmakers Respond to Potential Special Legislative Session

No Minnesota Special Session This Week

Pennsylvania Governor, Lawmakers Agree to Hold a Special Session

North Dakota Adjourns Special Session

Massachusetts Adjourns Formal Session

Alabama Special Session set for August 15

Gov. Bentley Announces Alabama Special Legislative Session

Hawaii Legislature Adjourns Special Legislative Session

New Mexico Lawmaker, Treasurer Push for Special Session

Alaska Legislature Adjourns Special Session

Minnesota Special Session Tentatively Scheduled

Utah Special Session Adjourns

North Dakota Gov. Calls Special Session

Hawaii Legislators Convene Special Legislative Session

Special Session Called in Utah

Minnesota Special Session Unlikely Until After Primary Election

Illinois Lawmakers Wrap Up Spring Business with Short-term Budget Deal

Special Session in Alaska Impacts Campaign Fundraising

No Special Session in Montana to Address Political Contribution Limits

Delaware General Assembly Adjourns

North Carolina Legislature Adjourns

Mississippi Special Session Adjourns

Mississippi Gov. Calls Special Session

Kansas Special Session Comes to a Close

New Hampshire One-Day Session Adjourned

Rhode Island General Assembly Recessed

Louisiana Legislature Adjourns Special Session

Mississippi Gov. Considers Calling Special Session

Manitoba Sets 2016 Calendar

Alaska Legislature Adjourns; Governor Calls for Another Special Session

Veto Session Scheduled for Next Week in Connecticut; No Overrides Expected

Special Session Possible in North Dakota

West Virginia Adjourns Special Session

Michigan Legislature Adjourns for Summer Break

Vermont Lawmakers Return for a One-Day Veto Session

Maine Gov. to Call Special Session

Kansas Governor Sets Special Session Date

Amid Mounting Pressure, Kansas Governor to Call Special Session

New Hampshire Special Session on June 16

Louisiana Legislature Adjourns Regular Session and Begins Special Session

West Virginia Special Session Drags On

South Carolina Legislature Adjourns Second Regular Session

New Hampshire Legislature in Recess Adjournment

Minnesota Governor Sets Conditions on Special Session

Kansas Lawmakers Punt on School Funding; Adjourn Session Sine Die

Yukon Legislature Adjourns

Louisiana Governor Calls Special Session in June

Oklahoma Legislature Adjourns Sine Die

Arkansas Special Session Adjourned Sine Die