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Proposed California Campaign Finance Regulation Faces Opposition from Lawmakers

Special Election Dates Set for California’s 34th Congressional District

Los Angeles Addresses Political Contributions from Real Estate Developers

Legal Challenge Filed Against California’s New Law on Publicly Funded Campaigns

Special Election Likely for California’s 34th Congressional District

FPPC Approves Amendments to Increase Gift and Campaign Contribution Limits

Berkeley, CA Passes Ballot Measure to Create Public Campaign Finance System

San Francisco Passes Ballot Issue Restricting Gifts and Contributions from Lobbyists

CA Voters Reject Prescription Drug Price Proposition 61

California Proposition 59 to Overturn Citizens United Passes

Berkeley, CA Voters to Consider Public Campaign Financing Measure

FPPC Approves Amendment Affecting Nonprofit Reporting

San Diego, CA Amends Campaign Finance Ordinance

Increases Coming Soon for California’s Campaign Contribution and Gift Limits

California Governor Signs Bills Affecting Campaign Finance and Lobbying Rules

California Bill Affecting State Contracts Signed into Law

First Reports Under California’s New Lobbyist Reporting Requirements Due October 31

California’s FPPC Proposes Regulation Affecting Nonprofits

California’s Legislative Session Adjourns

Deadline Looms for Final Votes in the California Legislature

City of San Francisco Elected Officials Prohibited from Establishing Candidate Controlled General Purpose Committees

Los Angeles, CA City Councilman to Resign Early

Santa Monica, CA Lobbyists Soon Required to Register with City

Redondo Beach, CA Makes Progress Toward Campaign Finance Reform

San Francisco, CA Voters to Decide on Lobbyist Restrictions

CA Treasurer Attempts to Limit Pay-to-Play

Los Angeles, CA Ethics Commission to Consider Changes to Lobbying Laws

FPPC Approves Amendment to Lobbyist Regulation

San Jose, CA Amends Campaign Finance Ordinance

California FPPC to Review Political Reform Act

Orange County, CA Starts to Lay Groundwork for Ethics Commission

CA Governor to Support PUC Ethics Reforms

CA Voters to Weigh In on ‘Citizens United’ Ballot Question

FPPC to Amend Lobbyist Regulation

Orange County Voters Approve County Ethics Commission

CA Lobbying Reform Bill Sent to Senate

Kern County, CA to Implement New Electronic Campaign Finance Reporting System

CA Campaign Contribution Bill Passes Assembly

Mountain View, CA Considers New Campaign Finance Ordinance

San Diego Ethics Commission to Consider Campaign Finance Amendments

California Procurement Lobbying Bill Vetoed

California Senate Reverses Ban on Contributions Rule

California Senate Reverses Ban on Contributions Rule

California Legislature to Begin Budget Work

SF Ethics Commission to Hold Interested Persons Meetings

California Procurement Lobbying Bill Sent to Governor

Redondo Beach, CA to Consider Campaign Finance Ordinance

San Luis Obispo, CA City Council Votes Against Democracy Vouchers

California Bills to Increase Transparency at State Boards and Commissions

San Francisco Ethics Commission to Begin Audit Selection

California Procurement Lobbying Bill Nears Final Vote

California’s FPPC Narrows Lobbying Ride Along Exception

Campaign Suspended for Proposed California ‘Dark Money’ Ballot Measure

San Luis Obispo City Council to Consider Democracy Vouchers

California Campaign Finance Bill Passes Assembly

FPPC Proposes Amendment to Lobbying Ride Along Exception

California’s FPPC Tightens Reporting Regulations

San Mateo County Implements Online Campaign Finance Reporting

San Francisco Ethics Commission Meets to Begin Implementing Proposition C

San Francisco Ethics Commission to Consider Closing Pay-to-Play Loophole

CA Lawmaker Wants to Legalize Ballot Selfies

California Special Election Slated for April 5, 2016

CA Senate Bill Has Pay-to-Play Implications

California Supreme Court Allows Advisory Measure on November 2016 Ballot

California FPPC Adopts Amendment to Gift Regulation

New Campaign Finance Ordinance Effective in San Jose

San Jose Considering New Lobbyist Requirements

New Executive Director Named to San Francisco Ethics Commission

California’s FPPC Proposes Regulations Affecting Lobbyist Reporting

Orange County, California Considering Creation of Ethics Commission

State and Federal Communications Has Three Staff Members Receive AGRP Professional Lobbying Certificate

New Registration Requirements for Lobbyists in San Francisco

FPPC Considers Proposals Concerning Enforcement Complaints

New Lobbying Law Takes Effect in San Joaquin County, California

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Increasing Campaign Finance Disclosure to Appear on California’s 2016 Ballot

California’s FPPC Opposes Bill Reducing Disclosure Requirements

Los Angeles Councilman Looking to Ban Businesses, Union, and Group Contributions

City of Sacramento, CA Passes Ethics Package

San Diego, CA Raises Lobbyist Fees

California Legislature Adjourns Regular Session

California Bill Requires New Disclaimer Rules for Political Ads

Bill Changes Disclosure Thresholds for California Public Officials

Sacramento, CA City Council to Vote on Ethics Proposals

California Bill Requiring Disclosure of Government Officials’ Travel Sent to Governor

Lobbyist Fee Hike to be Considered in San Diego, California

San Jose, CA Clerk Keeps Job, But Faces Review of Her Office

San Francisco Ethics Commission Releases New Tracking Tool for November Election

San Joaquin County Lobbying Law Takes Effect in September

Input on Los Angeles Lobbying Ordinance Sought

Formation of Ethics Commission Being Considered in Orange County, CA

San Diego Ethics Commission Considering Amendments to City’s Campaign Finance Law

San Francisco Ethics Commission Approves Ballot Measure Regulating Lobbying

San Diego Lobbyist Registration Fees Proposed to Go Up

Governor of California Calls Special Legislative Session

San Diego California Ethics Commission Considers Amendments

San Francisco, California Executive Director of Ethics Commission to Resign

San Diego, California Clerk Advocating for Increasing Lobbying Fees

San Francisco, California Ethics Commission Releases Interactive 2014 Report

Los Angeles, California Voters Approve Incumbents and Amendments

California FPPC Approves Regulation to Prohibit Lobbyist Fundraisers